Travis Scott Net Worth [With All Reasons]

what is travis scott's net worth

Travis Scott is known by all. The reasons he has been famous over the years are countless. His journey of being famous started in the year 2012 when he released his first album. To realize his net worth it is mandatory to go through a tunnel that is filled with his struggles and fruitful results. Fasten the seatbelt, and we will drive you through it.

 His net worth is $50 Million.  

A huge amount, isn’t it? For a person who is just 28 has made his income in millions. It is yet unpredictable how much this young artist is yet to discover.

A journey from Houston to the world

Travis Scott was always interested in making kinds of music. From his early teens, he had loved listening to rappers and tried to make his own music. If facts are to be stated, one thing needs to be clear that his life was not a rose of bed. 

He had his shares of hardship. He has lived in Houston, a high crime area. As a child, he has been moved from many places with his parents. Moreover, he left his studies and made his parents angry. The reason stated is that he wanted to pursue his career in music, which he later successfully did.

Why is Travis Scott Net worth so high?

To brief you on this, Travis Scott is none other than the famous rapper of America. However, America has generated many rappers who are ruling the world. But Travis Scott is one of the kind who has great command on traditional hip hop

how much is travis scott worth

This is the reason he is not only popular in the young generation but true admirers of hip hop like him the most irrespective of any age bracket. 

The answer to how much is travis scott worth is given with the reasoning. His career started in 2012 with the contract of his album.

Debut Mixtape

What the successful year 2013 was for Travis. His debut mixtape Owl Pharaoh broke all the record sales. For an artist this young it was like all the hard work had finally paid off. 

One thing needs to be clear here, is his passion. He has never done any work that doesn’t make perfect. 

 I’m not into just one thing; I always felt like I had to have my hand in everything revolving around what I do, whether it’s directing videos, making beats, making music, performing. 

Second Mixtape

Considering the success of his debut mixtape, in the year 2014 he released his second mixtape Days Before Rodeo. The announcement was made on his twitter account and the songs were released within a month of that announcement. 

Something new had captured the audience more than the lyrics, songs, composition, or production. The artwork. Fans were mesmerized by the videos released for his second mixtape which also adds to Travis Scott Net worth.

He himself has acclaimed that he likes to make things extraordinary. 

 I feel like everything needs to be stylized; that’s always been my mindset. 

Debut Studio Album 

The year 2015 was slightly different for him and his fans. What extra added to Travis Scott Net worth was the Rodeo Studio Album and rodeo sales. In September 2015 he released this album and the songs immediately became the part of the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. 

Back to back in every year he started to produce songs and releasing albums and became the talk of the town immediately. 

The Rodeo Tour

People keep wondering about Travis scott fortune. Nevertheless, it is quite evident with the success he has made to at least make a guess of Travis Scott Net worth. But to be honest, travis scott money worth makes the people wonder how?stormi webster net worth

In making him millionaire the tour he started on March 1 2015 has played a major role. The concert made him more visible to his fans, and they got to know so much about him. The songs, how he conquers the stage, the enthusiasm, and the respect for his fans brought him even more admirers. 

The tour ended on April 1 2015 and yet the fans felt it shouldn’t have stopped.  What a style statement he carried, get the same shoes here.  

Second Album 

2016, what is travis scott’s net worth? To be sure, it is more than in 2015. For the fact that his new album Birds In The Trap Sing Mcknight had made its marks on everyone. 

This was the year when Travis Scott’s album became the number one album on the US Billboard Hot 200 chart. 

Third Album

This album became the turning point for Travis Scott. It did the same Travis Scott Net worth. Undoubtedly, he had released music before, which became the ultimate cause of his popularity but 2018 was the point in his career which took his fame and success to double. 

Astroworld was released in 2018. The success of this album and Travis Scott can be measured by knowing that it as nominated for Grammy and ranked as the best album of the decade by many.  Check out the hoodies collection that best match astroworld magic here. 

Look Mom I can Fly

He has not only been the king of the rap industry but has also produced a Netflix documentary. It features the success story of Travis Scott. It has every minor detail from his early life until the time he became popular among people. His net worth 2019 was higher than that of 2018. Without a salary, he is a millionaire. 

 There’s a lot of us out here that are birds, man. We all need to just fly. 

travis scott salary

Travis Scott and his other reasons for the popularity 

Travis is well known and admired for his music. However, fans have taken an interest in his personal life as well. A public figure like a celebrity has very little privacy. 

In the early years of his success, it was written by a publication that Travis and Rihanna were dating. However, the relationship was quite private and they didn’t like it when the news was broken to the public.

The time he became famous he was dating Kylie Jenner, a self-made billionaire of 2019 which has been denied by Forbes now. However, they are not together by are now parents of Stormi Webster. 

Travis Scott Net worth of $13.5 Million is in a mansion that is co-owned by Kylie Jenner. However, stormi webster net worth is yet to be determined. 


Concluding Travis Scott Net worth

Travis Scott Net worth stated to b $50 Million is not by a single source.

  • Majorly the income is generated from the number of albums he has produced and further the songs which topped many lists. Nonetheless, the concert tours which lasted for a whole month also became the biggest source of his income. His career is in the music industry. But to be cleared his income is not.
  • A part of his income is from the product endorsement he has been doing. The biggest contract so far is of him with Nike.  He has been starred in a commercial that opened his way to the ad industry and he is generating a great amount of money from there.
  • Other than these, he has also put his foot in the production industry. Where he has produced music, documentaries, and much more to come.
  • Los Angeles holds the biggest investment of Travis Scott Net worth as a mansion. The mansion is worth $23 Million.   The concert of 2021 is also in the pipeline, hence ensuring that his net worth will not see a decrease in the near future.
Travis Scott Net Worth [With All Reasons]

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