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Your favorite singer, songwriter and rapper Travis Scott has yet again come back with a blast.

This time, releasing a clothing collection called the “Cactus Trails”. The trails collection consists of a wide range of clothing articles. That you can wear throughout the year, for any and every occasion and weather. Some pieces are your day to day wear, while others are meant for outdoor activities such as gym wear or camping. Such as keychains, sleeping bags, hoodies, compass and so much more!

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Sherpa Items

The Travis fans can also get their hands on a variety of Sherpa wear. Such as jackets, with sherpa zippers, shorts, hammocks, thermometers and the iconic Nike Air Max Cactus Trails version. The sherpa series practically screams luxury, with options like tri -color clothing garments. With the indentation and screenprints saying “Cactus Trails”.

All over the collection comes in a range of different colors. Available in muted shades like beige, brown, mustard, greys, black, and army green.

The merch has decided to stick to its hiking theme, that is comprised of apparel, unlike any other stereotypical artists merch. You would think that their merchandise is just for fashion and style but that is not the case! The trails collection is filled with garments that are functional, all the while being fashionable too. Meeting all your latest styles and trends.

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Trails Collection

As it is the infamous Travis Scott, we expect nothing but high quality merchandise as always. His gaming-theme merch that was featured for his digital tour was a huge success and dripped chic and in trend pop culture. But this new collection, is something out of the box and unlike any other, with the theme being hiking and camping. And this collection too, upholds all his previous set standards for his merch.

If anything, it breaks those standards and passes it! Its that good.

While the merch collections price point does seem pricey, it does promise you your time and money to be as an investment. The jackets are made with the most premium material of Sherpa cotton and fleece, while hoodies are made with soft 100% cotton. Because the collection is made with such top class materials, it makes it much more durable than your average Sherpa jackets or hiking equipment.


The Cactus Trails merch starts from a low price of $15 dollars and goes up to $200. Which can prove to be unaffordable for some, which is why we took it upon ourselves as our responsibility to bring you affordable merchandise all the while maintaining its high quality.

Making sure that all of your dedicated fans have an outlet for yourself to express your love for your favorite rapper.

Now that you are informed of the latest merch drop by Travis Scott, what are you waiting for? Shop from our online store now, where all of your favorite designs and merch are a click away from being yours. We guarantee, with our merch, you will indeed look like the highest in the room

Cactus Trails Merch

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