6 Best Astroworld Merch Items

Astroworld Hoodie to show some items to readers

Astroworld Merch – crazy, psychedelic, iconic, symbolic – It can be called many things. The Astroworld Travis Scott collection was a massive hit with the fans on tours and concerts. The idea of each outfit with the creative printing and slogans kept fans craving for more! The limited amount of items on each show made Travis Scott’s Astroworld Merch into an iconic rare item which was only found by the dedicated fans who kept following Laflame 24/7. Each item of the apparel has a unique print and is a great streetwear item! To select 6 products from a collection of almost hundred items is like limiting spices in a delicious dish. All items from the collection form the ASTROWORLD MERCH, but even a single item holds its special place. Especially for the fans who are still in search of their treasured shirts and hoodies! Here we are listing 6 most favorite and loved items from the Astroworld tour Merch!

6 – Astroworld Dad Hat

Astroworld Dad Hat with its embroidered logo in front is one of the most hip item of Astroworld Merch. It has Astroworld Logo in front with ‘Wish You Were Here’ knitted in the back side. It is one of the very first Merch product which was released on Travis Scott’s official website on the release of the album.

Wish you were here hat
Astroworld Dad Hat

5 – Sneakers for Men

The gorgeous sneakers for men from Jordan are the perfect gift for someone who is a die hard fan of Travis Scott. You can buy these sneakers from here.

Jordan Air Travis Scott Men’s Sneakers

4 – Embroidered Astroworld Hoodie

Embroidered Astroworld Hoodie has the Astroworld Logo hand-crafted in front making it DOPE! The back features ‘Wish You Were Here’ in huge letters giving it a funky look. This hoodie was part of the Travis Scott’s online Merch drop from 1st August to 10th August. A fan favorite and a must have Astroworld Product!

Wish you were here hoodie
Embroidered Astroworld Hoodie

3 – DSM Tie Dye

DSM tee with a funky Dye, this Travis Scott item was a part of LA Capsule collection of Dover Street Market 2019 – A collaboration of Laflame with DSM to celebrate the extension of his Wish You Were Here tour. This Tie Dye is a rare piece of Astroworld Merch and was only sold for some hours in LA. The back has printed skeleton with Wish You Were Here slogan and a DSM mark. The front has Down to Earth with a cactus symbol printed on it. A special Travis Scott Merch product!

travis scott tour shirt
DSM Tie Dye

2 – Astroworld Camouflage Windbreaker

Astroworld Camouflage Windbreaker – the epitome of perfection! This Astroworld anorak is a limited item from Miami and DC concert show. It has ‘No Bystanders’ printed on the back and the front has a zipper. The sleeve shows Astroworld Tour 1 dates and places. This upper is very popular and many NBA players were seen rocking this product in basketball pre-games. Especially, Lebron James and Kevin Durant are big fan of this jacket!

syre hoodie front
Astroworld Camouflage Jacket

1 – Astroworld Denim Jacket 

The most epic product of Travis Scott’s Astroworld Merch is the DENIM JACKET! The Levi’s upper with its rusty look makes it a perfect streetwear. It has a buttoned front featuring ‘Thrills and Chills’ with ‘Out of this World’ and ‘Wish You Were Here’ punched in the back. It is the part of Astroworld Tour Leg 1 pre-sale merchandise in 2018 but is still the most popular and precious product!

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6 Best Astroworld Merch Items

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